PREVIEW – Lovebirds – animated short


Lovebirds-Narrative for Environmental piece


Two seagulls in a crummy looking wasteyard by a waterfront scavenge through garbage. One seagull looking through the hole of a plastic soda can case holder pops his head through it. The other seagull just inches away pops his head into one of the other holes on the same plastic case. The two look up and look at eachother. One seagull picks up a cracker or cheeto of some sort as the other just misses out on getting it himself. The seagull trys to fly away and is held quickly from the sitting seagull with an unexcited look on his stern beak. The two seagulls stare at eachother then attempt to fly away, each is pulled by the other. The two then fly each both with one wing at a time, creating a double edged flying circut. People point and stare from below as they look up at the two silly seagulls flying hand in hand. After flying into the path of a kite, the two knock heads, fall to the ground. Leaning on eachothers backs dizzy and holding their heads in a human manner with little “humans” flying around there heads rather than birds, a gentle hand that was wielding the kite cuts the birds loose from eachother and accidently cuts his kite line too. The birds flock away in freedom along with the kite floating away in the air. The end!